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Trips and cultural discover in Andean chain

In order to submerge to the interior of the racially mixed culture, native and colonial of the province of Jujuy. A mythical place in the heart of the andeans, where the communities even practice ritual sincréticos:

  • Offerings to the Pachamama
  • Misachicos: processions to the virgin
  • Indicated of flames
  • Diabladas and comparsas in carnival
  • The dance of the Samilantes (ritual of rain)
Tomás Lipanmujer campesina








Trips of encounter with:

  • Agriculturists and cattle breeders of the valley jujeño
  • Artists and craftsmen of the Gorge of Humahuaca: Sharing guarded with friends, talented musicians and dancers who will make them live unforgettable moments on the Argentine folklore.
  • The native communities of cattle breeders of flames of the Puna Argentina.

Treking and strolls:

  • Archaeological strolls: In the Humahuaca slopes or the green valley of Jujuy.
  • Visits of pucarás (pre-Columbian ruins), rock taxed paintings and Artistic Factories:
  • Painting, taxed, dance, music
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  • Cavalcades and circuits:
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  • Trips for two:
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