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niño samilantecasa de campo

The "House of Field" of the Lot of the Tropic, is in the crossing of the Pan-American route and the geographic line of the Tropico de Capricornio. To borders of the town of Huacalera, to 17 km of Tilcara and 20 km of Humahuaca.
An agricultural property of 3 has in, of the Humahuaca s lopes, to 2,600 m.s of height on level of the sea, taken care of by Analía of Argentine and Remy French origin.

  • Arrival at Huacalera . Turn on the right from Tilcara or at left from Humahuaca .
  • In front of the church go down to the river ( 100m ) turn at right .
  • Go to the white bridge ( 200 m )
  • Cross the bridge then turn on the rigtht during 800 m.
  • Cross another river ( often dry )
  • At least continue your way during 150 m and at your right side you can find Solar del tropico . Ask the French’s house.
  • See the mapa, click here

Discover his Andean architecture, constructed with traditional materials, and their artistic factory of paintings, sculptures, taxed and ceramics.

  • Simple, double, triple rooms, cuadruples with private bath.
  • Exceptional view on Yellow hills of Huacalera.
  • Organic vegetable culture, choclo (traditional maize), Andean Pope, zapallitos, tomatos, fruit trees...
  • Tasting of culinarias specialities, an exquisite union of Mediterranean the
  • Andean and French kitchen.
  • Strolls and cavalcades with visits to will pucará (indigenous ruins) of the gorge of the Orchard, mountain landscape of colors and cactus.
  • Trips daily. Breakfast included
  • From 80$ habitacion simple; double 120$

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