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Rémy Rasse: (France) plastic Artist, great traveller, crossed during the course of two expeditions to horse, more than 6,000 km of the Mountain range of the $andes, with his traveling factory. He has been living for more than fifteen years traveling between France and American the Sud continent.

Analía Rondón: (Argentina) native Photographer of the province of Jujuy, lawyer in cinematography of the school of Cinema and TV university of Cordoba Argentina. Their roots allowed him to establish appraised contacts with the local population.

Analía and Rémy created together the Factory of the Tropic, in Huacalera, to 2,640 ms of height, in the heart of the Gorge of Humahuaca. They are authors of the book "visions d’ un peintre itinérant" Ed Transboréal 2001 Paris France. www.transboreal.fr

Alain Bonard: (France) One of the founders of the association of adventurers to the end of world AMB. He was organizing during 15 years of the festival of "Globbers Trotters" in Paris. Seduced by the North of Argentina, it decided to settle in Andean earth, after to have crossed numerous countries of the world. www.abm.fr

Years of experience allowed to discover far from well-known footpaths some natural and human preciocidades us that the mountain range still knows to offer.


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